SaaS Platform . 2022

SDWAN Platform

The Project

DCConnect SD-WAN is a revolutionary software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution designed to streamline network management for businesses of all sizes. This platform is a solution aimed at empowering businesses to manage their network infrastructure seamlessly and simplify network oversight. My core responsibility involved designing a UI that facilitates a smooth user experience for managing complex network configurations.

Platform Redesign

The SDWAN platform UI/UX design is focused on user-friendliness, allowing for easy configuration and management of network elements. We aim to simplify network management with a centralized, user-friendly interface and to provide network administrators with real-time insights and control over their infrastructure through the platform.

Creation of a
design system

For color scheme, we choose a lighter color to create a clean and professional aesthetic that keeps the user focused on the functionality of the platform itself.  This is important for a technical platform like SD-WAN where users need to be able to navigate and understand complex information clearly.

User Interface design, User Experience design
Daniel Zhao - UIUX designer, Luke Zhong - PM